Introducing our
Enhanced Insurance
Program for CPAs

Mortgage Brokers Association of BC (MBABC)

A Comprehensive Professional Insurance Solution for the Mortgage Brokers Association of BC (MBABC)

MBABC and the PROLINK Insurance Group Inc. have partnered to develop an E&O insurance policy customized for brokerages licensed in BC. Brokerages licensed in provinces with mandatory E&O requirements will also be able to purchase an E&O policy that is approved by the different provincial regulatory bodies.

The PROLINK Insurance Group has been serving mortgage brokers and mortgage lenders for over 10 years. Our firm understands the risks and exposures facing brokerages and the importance of private lending to the industry.


Mortgage Investment Corporations and Mortgage Syndicators have unique insurance requirements to protect their portfolios, investors and board members. The PROLINK Insurance Group has developed a customized program including the following types of protection:

  1. D&O Liability including coverage for investor claims alleging poor performance;
  2. Mortgage Impairment providing protection for property losses sustained by the portfolio; and
  3. Financial Institution Bonds for MIC Managers licensed as Exempt Market Dealers in other provincial jurisdictions.